RepRap Accessories

8 August, 2013


I ordered some handy tools and parts in anticipation of my RepRap kit. I got a stainless 18” metric/inch ruler, some high-temperature “Ultra Copper” silicone gasket maker, some 4” Kapton tape, and some wrenches.

The 13 mm end-wrenches will be for tightening the structural nuts on the threadstock that makes up the Prusa Mendel frame. The 5 mm wrench, a less common size, is for adjusting the extruder (as far as I know).

I also got some awesome plastic braided wire wrap, essentially a long split tube for bundling wires. I will use it to tie cables to the frame, and possibly as a filament guide.

The gasket silicone is for potting the heater resistor in the hot end bolt, and for attaching the thermistor. It forms a mechanically strong and thermally-conductive joint between the hot parts.

The kit comes in tomorrow, along with the caliper.