5 July, 2020

Running homeassistant, nginx proxy manager, and pihole as virtual hosts to turn one NAS into many LAN servers with arbitrary open ports.

13 January, 2019

Watercolor and ink on paper.

8 December, 2018

Big posters of some of my favorite mechanical watch mechanisms in the style of art-deco national parks posters.

24 April, 2018

I'll take any excuse I can get to draw pictures programmatically. In this episode, I combine modern JavaScript and old-school fractals.

23 April, 2018

Version 2 of the plugin only resizes the images that actually appear in the blog.

19 November, 2017

Life in a studio apartment is deciedly more annoying when the refrigerator ticks loudly all night.

17 May, 2017

Some scattered thoughts on using a humanoid robot arm to draw huge portraits with Sharpies.

3 March, 2017

An overview of my image-optimizing plugin for the static site generator.

6 January, 2017

A fun adventure in using reinforcement learning to create a slow and inept chess-playing computer program.

1 January, 2017

A solid Linux laptop that still needs some touchpad tweaks.