29 August, 2016

Obligatory meta-post about moving the blog to a static site generator. Let's get it over with.

15 August, 2016

It seems we have reached a new epoch in the Linux backlight stuggle: today, I upgraded my T420 to Linux Mint 18, and the backlight again stopped working (as expected).

22 September, 2015

I’m running Linux Mint 17.

7 September, 2013

I just read the short column in this month’s Popular Science about “The Final Upgrade,” supposedly our way out of phone and PC upgrades by way of smarter software.

18 August, 2013

Check out http://showterm.

13 August, 2013

Just found a great tip over on Hackaday about smoothing PLA.

8 August, 2013

I ordered some handy tools and parts in anticipation of my RepRap kit.

7 August, 2013

I love thinking about and designing computer interfaces, in code and in the physical world.

5 August, 2013

I just ordered a Prusa Mendel kit from NWRepRap.

2 August, 2013

I am researching microfluidic droplets this summer.