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  1. Making a Handwriting Font with Calligraphr and FontForge
  • Making a Handwriting Font with Calligraphr and FontForge

    25 August 2020Post 1 of 1 in Handwriting Font
    I have been reading about font design and evolving font technologies for a while, and I finally succumbed to the lure of making a font. I decided for this first foray to try to replicate my handwriting. This is the result!

    In this video I walk through the process, from using Calligraphr to capture the glyphs to using FontForge to fine-tune the spacing.

    I took the time to write out the common characters multiple times, so there are plenty of variations of each one (called “contextual alternatives” in font lingo). I also added some extra punctuation, math symbols, and common European language characters.

    Here are some fancy character examples:

    “This is a quoted phrase.”

    Here's some code:
    let x = 0;
    if (x < 10) {
      // do something

    And how about some nonsensical math:

    δχ/δt = 10; ∀a∈A, ∃x s.t. …